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We create lasting positive impact.

Planning For The Future

AssetCoin limited is a world class Stock Market Trading, crypto currency trading and Capital Investment Company,Established with the vision of impacting the general populace by creating a platform that will bring about sustainable financial freedom. AssetCoin is an investment firm, managed by a team of financial experts that generate profits through buying and selling cryptocurrencies, stocks, options and commodities as well as real estate investments. We employ a variety of financial techniques to achieve the set goals for our client.

AssetCoin is a registered platform, which generates income from real estate management, Construction and Cryptocurrency Trades.

We’re committed to helping you achieve better outcomes…the way you define them. We get there by empowering diverse perspectives and breaking through boundaries. We’re collaborative and connected—and we never stop working for you. We believe that as stewards of your investments, investing responsibly is about the careful execution of our investment duties on your behalf, Also We understand that everyone has different financial goals. We can help you choose the best strategy to complement your financial needs, support your long-term plans and enhance your personal situation.

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We’re opening up opportunity for more people around the world.


We’re focused on changing things for the better.


We’re using our financial power as a force for good.

Creating long-term value

As a responsible company, we aim to improve our clients’ returns and the world we live in. We do this by looking beyond financial performance, because the people we work for and with represent more than the investments we manage.

Continous Earning

Earning continously on your financial investments developing and growing your portfolio with us.

Recurring Interest

Your financial interest returns consistently credited on your account everyday for your investment duration.

Safe and Secure

We employ state of the art security on investor funds you can be rest assured your funds are safe.

Your satisfaction defines us

Our Mission

Our vision is to be the world’s leading placement agent in managing assets. We envision this by continuing to identify the most attractive investment opportunities in our niche and connecting them with the largest and most sophisticated long-term capital providers in the world.

Legal Information

Assets Capital limited connects over 50,000 investors and top world traders.

we are fully registered to carry out legal financial activities with Reg NO :10876979 Verify Registration

As A Regional Representative You Become A Permanent Memeber of AssetCoin and oversee all activities in your assigned region.

*Representive Benefits*
Monthly salary of $2500
Free medical Trip every year
Free education for the children if married.
Free company branded car(SUV).
And other incentives.

Contact support for further enquires.

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When new clients join us through your promotions, you can earn a commission, paid monthly. Payouts are uncapped – the more clients you refer, the more you can earn.


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